I create this site to show my work, of course, but also with an aim of meeting and dialogue.
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I live in a small city on the Mediterranean side with in front of me the spectacle in great angle of the sky and the sea

I appreciate too the sensible and aesthetic qualities not to oppose this destruction of the material manufacture and of beauty recommended by the present currents with the profit of the only concept.

What brings me closer them could be the fact that work is not “the sculpture” such as one sees it, but something which, “beyond it” is its way of behaving and of evolving, a course then and which is obvious often only in the digital images.

. .if each element of the group, from its way of being tightly connected in the trunk, is defined in relation with the other…
… if its form never obeys ratios of full and of vacuum in space but requirements of agreement of rhythm and needs for catches and bonds reciprocal to carry out a common project…
… if the formal aspect is secondary and is conditioned by the behaviours assumed for a blooming general:
one could can be to speak about ethical sculpture or ethics in sculpture?