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Try to think of the elements that make up the sculptures as beings that live. They have lost everything about them that looks human, but they move like and act like human beings. Also, they always want to come together and look for some kind of new harmony. They often split into male and female.

This site features:

- Wood sculptures. These are structures that evolve. Their elements take shape when they are locked away inside a trunk. Then, they put themselves together again as they make the space where they are living bigger and richer.

- Digital images – i.e. digigraphies. These describe the transformations in the group relationships among the elements within the trunk while they go out on their adventures.

- Bronzes. These are mostly based on the first drafts I make when I work on a wood sculpture.


a trunk,
something that breaks up into pieces that come to life,

and there is another life that is beginning

Life and thought are not beings but processes. They are not things but movements. They are not objects but accidents (Comte-Sponville)

The formal aspect of these sculptures counts less that what is going on among themselves – what goes on immediately when they take shape and then afterwards when they set up a new harmony at the end of their evolutionary process, a process that has modified their attitudes towards each other. What is important is the journey. We can take all this as if it were a fable that begins like this one:

    Once upon a time there was a trunk, a cylinder of wood too simple and too plain to give a hint of what it was. Yet, it was keeping something inside its fibers. These were the signs of a life in nature. These were the witnesses of the passing of season after season, these veins that circled around each other.
What had ended was its plant cycle. There was another kind of life that then set itself up, overlapping the old one, on another level...

Members of the same family took shape in the heart of the block. They had so little room to share that they had to make compromises and agreements as they were taking shape.

There was a rhythm that was already beating for them. So, they were there, squished together. They were different despite being members of the same species. There were two, three, four, or five of them. They were moving, taking turns, on the same wave length, really sticking together. They then started to go off. They started to dream a dream together, a dream that put them together, a dream that made them and a dream that balanced them.

This very desire to expand and to become full led these characters to set up a new way of being together. What they needed to do was something that pushed them on from their starting off point. It pushed them to go into a structure together and then to repair this structure. It pushed them to erode so that they could create the bonds they needed to expand into a new equilibrium.

There is no use to look for similarities. These are always accidental. We only have to notice how they are behaving, how they are acting, and where they came from, the road they took in order to get somewhere else far away.

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