A trunk ends its plant life but it keeps traces of it…
It then becomes alive again with a different life. Elements that are closely bonded are born into a project of growth and cohesion. Their ways of being have no aim other than to achieve a cooperative expansion.
There is no human figure, but there are the gestures, attitudes, and behaviors of humans.
Time plays a role in setting up the successive phases from the shaping of an initially compact whole to the final evolutionary phase. Each element plays its role. Each element is at the same time dependent on the others, just as the others are dependent on it, as they compose a new harmony.
It is the plotting out of this adventure that gives meaning to what is made in the end.

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The sculptures are grouped into 6 topics, each page a topic:

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Confrontation and search for a meeting point.

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...When the project is one of reaching out, lengthening...

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The need to create an inner space is born within the group

One of the elements is the heart of the system.



4                  cliquer ici pour la page"un point central"

The elements spread out, beaming out in space

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When the same rhythm becomes a factor
in the bond.

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