the work is printed on a fibre base matt art paper in a high quality edition with inks pigments in limited series .

These digital compositions are my final point of arrival after my work on wood. They are the fruit of a need that Iíd briefly like to explain now.
The sculpture that we can see does not show us everything. It is the result of an evolutionary process and so it can only show us the final step of the life it has lived. What we do not see is any trace reminding us of its densely packed original state, so that we would be able to take in the groupís impulse to expand

Photography has helped me do this as I used it to work out various arrangements and designs. Thus I reconstructed the evolution of relationships among the elements starting out from their taking shape inside the trunk until they later put themselves together again.

I did this so that we can get a glimpse of their way of living, a way of living that the sculpture is nothing other than the interpreter of.

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the desire to create


interior space




to lift up ...

a dream ...


to extend

One element is


the heart


of the system










a same rhythm


a link



The elements spread out,

beaming out

in space